US Navy warships go to Libyan waters

By Kazalar

The U.S. Navy’s Arleigh Burke-class destroyers USS Laboon and USS McFaul are ready to go to Libyan waters.
4 American are dead because of an attack on U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.
U.S. Government needs to take precocious measures against future attacks. President Obama announced that the relations between U.S. and Libya will not be compromised after the tragic incident.
There is information that U.S. destroyers will keep their position so that they are ready to take action against groups suspected in the attacks.
the State Department is trying to evacuate the rest of the embassy fearing of new attacks.
U.S. made movie(Libyan gangs announced that the film was insulting Prophet Muhammad) caused the aggression and the attacks by Libyan gangs.