MSC Flaminia is still under fire, More Dying Crewmembers

By Tai nạn

As of morning on July 16, MSC Flaminia is drifting in mid-Atlantic region with a big plume of smoke seen from passing nearby ships.
One of the 4 wounded crew members has died from heavy burns on the board of MSC Stella, the other 3 crew members were taken to Azores by helicopter, one of them being treated in intensive care in a very serious health condition. There were twenty five people on the board, twenty three crew members (five German, three Polish and fifteen Filipino) and two passengers.
According to the information 2 tug boats with firefighting equipment are on the way to a burning ship, expected time of arrival on July 17 afternoon. The manager of the ship, German company NSB Niederelbe just can not explain what has happened and is going to stay in dark until specialists are going to reach MSC Flaminia burning ship. Crew members told that fire has began in hold number four, reportedly some containers on the vessel were loaded with combustible bleaching agent calcium hypochlorite. The hull and P&I insurer for the ship is Swedish Club, that already suffered a major losses from boxship Rena disaster in New Zealand.