Carnival Paradise saves 24 refugees from Cuba

By 巡航
Carnival cruise ship rescued a group of 24 (23 men and one woman) refugees from Cuba. Carnival Paradise was heading from Tampa to Grand Cayman when the crew spotted a small boat between Cuba and the Florida Keys on Tuesday. The cruise ship altered her course to shelter the distressed boat. The crew lowered a landing platform, threw rope and life jackets to the passengers. The 24 people had been stranded in the sea for five days. The refugees were provided with water, food, new clothing and accommodated. The medical team of Carnival Paradise examined them and according to statement all the Cubans were in good health.

Matthew Sudders, a passenger from Carnival Paradise, described the people as ''cheerful'' when they came aboard. He told that the ship approached the boat slowly. It was a motorboat but due to the water inside, the engine was not working. The people in the boat were shouting in Spanish and flagging jackets. 

The refugees have been handed over the immigrations in George Town. They will stay in detention centre until they will be processed by the officials. The schedule of Carnival Paradise is unaffected and she will arrive in Tampa/Florida on 8th March.