Mississippi River Flooding: 9 barges sunk, 114 damaged

By Accidents

Due to flooding at least 100 barges broke loose in the Mississippi River about 10:30 p.m. Saturday in South County.
Four of the barges hit the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, urging the Department of Transportation of Missouri and the Missouri Highway Patrol in order to reduce the bridge traffic to 1 lane in each direction, reported spokesman with the St. Louis County Police Department, Randy Vaughn.
The US Army Corps of Engineers has inspected the structure for damage, he told.
The USCG has shut down river traffic in its efforts for recovery.
Officials at the USCG Sector Mississippi River obtained a distress call at about 10,30 pm. that between 50 and 90 barges had broken free of their moorings.
Officials reported that the barges were floating freely and represented an instant danger to facilities and bridges in the region.
The vessels that tend the barge fleets reacted and started securing the barges.
The total sum of the damaged barges was 114. Officials reported that most of the broken barges have been already secured. The result is 9 sunken full of coal barges, 1 of them in or close to the navigation channel at mile marker 166 near Cliff Cave Park.
The USCG estimates that at least 11 barges aren't yet accounted for. Fortunately all of the tank barges with hazardous cargo were accounted for and are safe, reported the USCG.