Pirates Strike Again in Red Sea

By Piracy
Yesterday, just outside of Bab el-Mandeb was reported an incident with pirates. A bulk carrier was approached by two skiffs with 7-8 pirates on each of them. The bandits were equipped with machine guns.

The boats approached the vessel and the security team (Seagull Maritime Security) tried to repel the attackers. Fire warning shots were ordered according to the rules at a distance of 700m.  

A week ago there was a report for a vessel that was approached by 10 Yemeni type skiffs with 5-6 pirates on each. There was detected also a mother ship(40ft long ship with a tapered high rising stern and a tapered high rising steep angled pointed bow), a Yemeni Dhow.

All vessel in the area should be cautious and to remain on alert all the time.

Exact point of the pirate attack