Progress on removal operation of Costa Concordia

By Accidents

Titan-Micoperi representatives and Costa Crociere presented the progress of removal actions to the Commissioner for the shipwrecked Costa Concordia Emergency Franco Gabrielli, the Observatory for Concordia Removal and the Mayor of Giglio at Civil Protection headquarters in Rome.

The ship owner of the sunken cruise vessel, Costa Crociere is now in the process of completing the technical documentation, which is scheduled to be delivered in the next few days to the Observatory to allow the officials to evaluate the parbuckling project - the vertical rotation of the wreck - and give their approval for the removal actions to take place in the month of September.

Once the parbuckling is finished, it is going to be essential to assess the conditions of the wreck and evaluate any technical adjustments required for Costa Concordia, particularly on the submerged starboard side that is currently inaccessible in that it rests upon 2 cliffs of rocks.

Following the completion of such assessment, it is going to be possible to more accurately define the timing of the subsequent phases, that is re-floating and towing of the wrecked parts of the sunken ship.

The sunken cruise ship Costa Concordia wreck removal is a unique and extremely complex technical-engineering operation, a naval salvage operation like no other in the maritime history, and is going to invlove the best international expertise, advanced technologies and unprecedented financial. Activities continue with about 500 workers and 30 boats at work 24/7. Protection of marine ecosystem, safety of workplace and rapidity of removal project completion are the key priorities of the project.