2 Canadian Warships Collided in Towing Exercise

By Accidents

Two warships of Canadian navy were ordered to return to port in Esquimalt, B.C. after colliding during an exercise while sailing to Hawaii, and 2 separate reviews have been scheduled to assess the damage and find out what happened. The 2 warships were conducting towing exercises, which require close quarters manoeuvring, when the accident happened.

"The Royal Canadian Navy is conducting an investigation into this unfortunate collision in order to find out exactly what lead to the accident," told the Commander of Canadian Fleet Pacific, Commodore Bob Auchterlonie in a statement released by the Department of National Defence.

HMCS Algonquin sustained considerable damage to her hangar on her port side while HMCS Protecteur encountered damage of a lesser degree to her bow. While the full impact on the vessels' future sailing schedules has yet to be determined, HMCS Algonquin warship is no longer going to deploy to Asia Pacific region as scheduled.

A Board of Inquiry is going to be convened to further investigate the accident and circumstances surrounding it, and is going to make recommendations as to how to prevent a similar event from occurring in the future.