Oceanex to acquire a new container ship the Oceanex Connaigra

By Finance

Oceanex Inc. is waiting to receive a new container ship called the Oceanex Connaigra. The vessel is expected to arrive in St. John in 6-7 days. This is the largest Canadian flag container/roll-on, roll-off (Con/Ro) vessel. Oceanex Connaigra is sailing from Germany and will stay in Canada for a short period before going to the Halifax service.

Another ship, the Oceanex Sanderling is expected to stay for a short period in dry dock.
The Oceanex Connaigra later will arrive in Montreal where will sail from ports Montreal and St. John’s.
Capt. Sid Hynes, executive chairman of Oceanex, announced:

Photo Credits: Karsten Exner schiffsfoto.wordpress.com

"I am extremely proud to add this innovative, environmentally friendly vessel to our fleet," and added,
"The Oceanex Connaigra has been custom designed to meet the many specific requirements of our trade and promises to provide optimum performance and reliability in the harsh weather conditions of east coast Canada."

Hynes also informed that he is satisfied to have worked with Flensburger Shipyard (FSG), company known for its leading position in building roll-on, roll-off ships on time and according to the budget they have. Hynes said:

"FSG have lived up to their promise of building a state-of-the-art vessel, and I look forward to working with them again on future projects."

In other hand Flensburger Shipyard, CEO Peter Sierk is also pleased with the deal with Oceanex Inc. The Oceanex Connaigra is built according to the new technologies and innovation available so far. Mr Sierk said:

"Such good results were only possible due to the excellent co-operation of all employees of Oceanex and Flensburger, and we are looking forward to building another ship for Oceanex in the future."

The Oceanex Connaigra container ship is built in a way that will allow the vessel to transport containers with different size from 20 to 53 feet and also trucks, trailers, cars, and other cargo with a total of 13,700 square metres of available space and a deadweight of 19,300 tons.

Oceanex Inc. is known for its leading position in the east coast transportation business and offer its services between Mexico, the United States, mainland Canada and Newfoundland. The company also offer services on land to different locations in Newfoundland from St. John’s daily.