Diver dies while working on the shipwrecked Costa Concordia

By Accidents

It was reported another Costa Concordia incident. A diver died while at work on the salvage of the giant wrecked cruise liner. The cause of the tragic incident is a metal sheet which gashed the leg of the diver under the water. According to information, the diver's leg was stuck and was unable to get free. The bleeding was serious, other divers did not reach the worker on time, although he was conscious upon surfacing, but later died. He is believed to be Spanish and has been working in the area of the shipwrecked Costa Concordia. The diver was trying to fix huge tanks of the cruise liner's side in order the vessel to be towed at a port for dismantling.

This is the first tragic incident during the salvage operation of Costa Concordia. More than 2 years ago, on 13 January 2012, the cruise ship Cost Concordia crashed in a reef off the Italian island Giglio, 32 people died while the vessel was sinking. In the moment, the ship is being prepared to be towed. After these steps of the salvage operation, the Costa Concordia will be scrapped

The ship had to be pulled upright with the help of giant tanks (full of water) attached to one of the sides of the vessel. The diver was working on the task to prepare the starboard side (which was under water for more than a year) to hold also similar tanks. The filled with water tanks were necessary to float the shipwrecked Costa Concordia off the seabed. The preparation for the towing is expected to finish by June. The removal project of Costa Concordia is very expensive, the plans were for €600m (£492m), but the operation costs are nearly twice of its original for the moment. 

Franco Gabrielli expressed his condolences for the death of the diver. He said:

"They have workedfor two years without a break, in difficult conditions not without risks, to achieve the common goal of removing the Concordia from Giglio."

The Costa Concordia's captain is on trial for manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and leaving the vessel(a captain should leave the ship after all passengers are safe) before all passengers had been evacuated. He is accused of changing the course of the cruise ship and sailing too close to the island of Giglio. Schettino tried to defend himself and has said he saved passengers by steering the Costa Concordia to shallow waters and crashing the ship in reef that was not marked on his nautical charts.