Video: M/V Polar Bear, $24-million yacht, on fire

By Accidents

Fire erupted on board Polar Bear, 112-foot yacht on June 19 at around 9:15 am LT at Marine Group Boat Works in Chula Vista. The filmed videos shows intense flames and thick smoke in the air of the shipyard's area where Polar Bear had been under repairs for some weeks.

One of the marina workers, Chris Gonzalez, commented:

"The fire started up near the bow, one of the hoses blew out, so that caught on fire, and I saw fire coming out of one of the holes."

Possible cause of the fire might have been a welding accident but it is yet to be confirmed. At the time of the incident, all nearly 100 workers were evacuated, one was treated for smoke inhalation.

Bill Cavanaugh, a marina worker, added:

"It was 100 yards away before it was fully engulfed, and you could feel the heat coming off it."

The fire erupted on a lower deck of the pleasure craft and was very intensive. The fire was extinguished from shore and ladder hoses in the water. It did not affect any other structure or vessel.

Owner of the vessel is Larry Jodass, 79-year-old, a former chairman of a semiconductor company. The vessel has been in the waters for three years.