Video: Man rescued from life raft

By Curious

Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans has rescued a man from a life raft south of Southwest Pass.

On Wednesday, December 11, a Mayday call was sent from the sailing vessel Amsheet. It was reported that the boat had struck an unidentified object which had caused water ingress. The owner of the boat was sailing in a life raft.

Having been notified by a crew member onboard the motor vessel Harvey Pacer, the USCG Sector New Orleans deployed a MH-65 Dolphin helicopter to the scene. The man was airlifted successfully and transported back to New Orleans.

According to the USCG, the life raft was equipped with a satellite GPS tracker. Its updates helped the aircrew to locate the survivor.

“The survivor was very well prepared with proper clothing, life preserver, life raft, and a radio. All of these items helped ensure a quick recovery with no injuries,” added Lt. Jay Kircher, a pilot at the air station.

Video: Coast Guard Rescues Man from Life Raft Near Southwest Pass

Source: coastguardnews