MSC Oscar, officially the biggest containership in the world as it sailed from the shipyard

By Vessels

The MSC Oscar, now officially holds the title of being the biggest containership in the whole world when regarding carrying capacity. The vessel was christened at the DSME shipyard in South Korea this past Thursday. The ship sailed from the shipyard near Busan yestreday.

MSC Oscar, which was built to serve the needs of the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), has the capacity to carry approximately 19, 224 TEU, by which it just barely manages to edge out the 19, 100 TEU capacity of the CSCL Globe and an additional four upcoming vessels of the same series, thus making it the largest ever, in regard to TEU capacity, boxship.

MSC Oscar is merely 395. 4 meters in length, which actually makes it a bit shorter than the 400-meter-long CSCL Globe and the Maersk Triple-E’s, which has a capacity of 18, 000 TEU. MSC Oscar’s beam measures at 59 meters, making it quite similar to Tripe E’s and a bit wider than the 58.6-meter beam of the CSCL Globe.

MSC Oscar will be joining the MSC’s Albatross service later on this month, providing a link from Asia to Northern Europe. According to expectations a second ship of its class will be delivered in April.

Video MSC Oscar