Airbus Demonstrates the Future Aircraft

By Cruise

Airbus international company stated it knows what people want from flying in the close future. They just want it to be more stable, with less pressure and they want more of it.
The aircraft industrialist launched the latest findings of its 2-year consultation with more than 1.75k people professionalists worldwide. Between them:
-more than 60 per cent of all the people worldwide say they are going to fly more by 2050.
-60 per cent don't even think social media is going to replace the actual need to see people face-to-face.
-96 per cent of the people believe the future airplane is going to need to be more stable or "eco-efficient."
-nearly 40 per cent feel air traveling is much more stressful.
-86 per cent of the people think less fuel burn is more important, and 85 per cent want a reduction in carbon emissions.
-66 per cent want quieter airplane, and 65 per cent want aircrafts that are fully recyclable.
Airbus aircrafts company has been using the findings to create its Airbus Concept Plane and Cabin.
The executive vice president of engineering, Charles Champion, of Airbus company states the Concept Plane is giving the chance of "a glimpse into some of the innovations that might meet evolving people trends and environmental considerations."
The Concept Plane gives the vision what air transport may look like in the years of 2050--or even 2030 if advancements in existing technologies continue at a quick pace, the firm told in its statement.
The design consists ultra long and very slim wings, semi-embedded engines of the aircraft, a U-shaped tail and light-weight "intelligent" body to improve environmental performance or "eco-efficiency." The final result, according to Airbus company: lower fuel burn, a considerable cut in emissions, less noise which would not disturb the passengers, and a more comfortable and cozy cabin.
The latter findings have been based on responses from 10,000 people across more than ten countries.