MSC Flaminia's Fire Onboard Extinguished - sailing with 5 knots to Europe

By Accidents

Relating to salvage professionals on site, the fire on the board MSC FLAMINIA is extinguished since yesterday (Jul 23, 2012) afternoon. The tugboat ANGLIAN SOVEREIGN is permanently monitoring temperatures on the board of the ship via a laser thermometer and is prepared to resume cooling if is necessary.
Due to thick fog the tugging team is presently unable to board the container vessel MSC FLAMINIA. As soon as visibility gets better, a salvage team is going onboard to check every container separately and extinguish any discovered fires. Only after this procedure MSC FLAMINIA is going to receive the permission to make a port call.
It is not currently concluded which port the ship is going to call next as this is still under review.
MSC FLAMINIA is still towed by FAIRMOUNT EXPEDITION, with ANGLIAN SOVEREIGN und CARLO MAGNO on standby. The group of vessels sails at a speed of 5 knots towards Europe and is currently located 320 n. m. off the coast of the UK. The container vessel MSC Flaminia still lists by approximately 10 degrees due to injured cargo and extinguishing water.