Removal of Grounded vessel MV Miner is beginning Today

By Accidents

The official start of removal actions of the 230-metre bulk carrier MV Miner, planned to start with the arrival of plasma cutting machines on Thursday has still not been confirmed by the chosen salvage firm, namely the Bennington Group.
The grounded ship in question is owned by Arvina Navigation SA of Turkey, that ran aground on the Scaterie Island one year ago while being towed across the Atlantic for scrapping. Local residents, particularly fishermen have urged for the wreck’s removal due to its negative effect on profitable fishing in the zone.
“I understand the crew member is to arrive tomorrow to start working but that is all I know at this point,” told in a statement the project co-ordinator for the Regional Development Association of Main-a-Dieu, Amanda MacDougall on Thursday.
The Turkish Bennington Group, hired by the ship’s owner, has obtained a green light from the province to remove the wrecked vessel from the site and the salvage schedule is said to entail cutting the bulk carrier into manageable pieces that is going to be transferred for further processing at another place.
The cutting is first going to be directed to the middle portion of the vessel, followed by the stern and bow sections. The work is planned to be completed by December.