Fishing Company and Chief Engineer Sentenced for Environmental Crimes

By Accidents

A fishing company from New Zealand that is the owner and the operator of the fishing vessel (tuna) San Nikunau, and the ex-chief engineer of the vessel had to be sentenced for breaking the environmental laws and also for trying to hide the crime.
The sentence is for illegally dumping oily waste and also for trying to hide the crime.

The fishing company has to pay a criminal fine of $1.9 million and pay $500,000 in community service to the National Marine Sanctuaries Foundation for the benefit of the Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary in American Samoa.
The ex-Chief Engineer will stay 30 days in jail and after that 2 years of supervised release plus he has to pay $6000 criminal fine.
This crime, dumping oily waste into the ocean and trying to hide it for years, did not last long in front of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).
This sentence will warn all companies and people operating commercial vessels. Protecting the natural resources is the most important thing in our days, people are obliged to save the planet and not to destroy it.
U.S. Coast Guard continues to investigate the case.