Oil tanker ship exploded on the Hlaing River in Yangon

By Accidents

At least 1 man is dead and 2 others are missing after an explosion on Monday evening and subsequent fire took place on an oil tanker ship on the Hlaing River in Yangon, according to information from the workers of the rescue team.
The explosion happened at about 5 p.m. The oil tanker ship was reported to have been filled with fuel and linked in a convoy to other vessels at the time. A fire then broke out, witnesses reported Mizzima that took firefighters some thirty minutes to extinguish the fire.
Unfortunately a middle-aged man was discovered dead in the engine room of the tanker ship. The body was transported to the Yangon Hospital. According to information of the rescue team, 2 people were still unaccounted for missing.
Although several fire engines from distinct town vessels across Yangon were able to respond in a timely fashion, others were caught in rush hour traffic jams, an official informed, adding that crew members used the vessel’s fire extinguishers and a water pump to fight the fire until the fire engines arrived.
Fire fighters and other members of the Red Cross were reluctant to reply the questions and told they couldn't disclose further details. They informed that a press conference would be held on Tuesday.