The world’s largest message-in-a-bottle

By Curious

The bottle will be inaugurated and launched 200 nautical miles off the coast of Tenerife, Canary Islands. Norwegian company Koeningsegg created the bottle which is registered as a boat. The world's biggest message-in-bottle will be making photos and post them live via satellite via twitter. The boat-bottle will sail in the Atlantic ocean. Inside the boat(bottle) is a 12 square meter letter.
The bottle constructed by the owner of Norwegian company Koeningsegg is registered as a boat, and will be tweeting photos live via satellite as it drifts in the Atlantic Ocean, having been christened by well- known explorer Jarle Andhøy with beauty queen 'Miss Tenerife'.

"We are turning back time, letting nature decide where the bottle will end up", explains explorer Jarle Andhøy who thinks the 26 feet and 2.5 ton boat might follow the path of Thor Heyerdahl’s RA-expedition and end up in Barbados.
"This is our most spectacular project to date and we have taken all kinds of safety measures. Apart from obvious things like towing it 200 nautical miles off shore, it has the required navigation lights, Automatic Identification System, radar reflector and state-of-the-art tracking technology. We will monitor it continuously and if needs be, use a tugboat to get it safely ashore wherever it ends up", told Joakim Sande, CEO of Solo.