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Thousands of Ukrainian and Russian Sailors Remain Stuck in Ports

Thousands of Ukrainian and Russian seafarers are stuck in ports around the world as the war in Ukraine intensifies and shipowners are scrambling to find replacement crews to keep strained supply chains rolling.Crews from Russia and Ukraine make up a …
Mar 9, 2022 / Curious

UN agencies renew call to collaboratively support seafarers

Four United Nations agencies have issued a joint statement urging stakeholders to collaborate to prevent undue hardship to seafarers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.The International Labour Organization (ILO), International Maritime Organization …
Mar 2, 2022 / Curious

BSM and KIMFT cooperate to promote Korean seafarers for global shipping trades

Milestone towards securing highly competent maritime manpowerBernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technologies (KIMFT), a maritime education and research …
Oct 15, 2021 / Curious

Nautilus urges minister to establish UK as international seafarer vaccination hub

Nautilus International and the UK Chamber of Shipping have urged Maritime Minister Robert Courts MP to support establishing the UK as an international seafarer vaccination hub, where seafarers of all nationalities can access Covid-19 vaccines while …
Apr 12, 2021 / Curious

Covid-19: Seafarers to be amongst the first groups for vaccination

For many seafarers, the situation has become unbearable. Due to Covid-19 tens of thousands of crew members have been stuck aboard their ships, many for more than a year now. Although crew changes have been made possible in some countries, the …
Dec 17, 2020 / Curious

UK government and UN commit to protect seafarers and help stabilise global shipping market

UK to hold first international summit to address impact of COVID-19 on crew changesgovernment will call on the international community to come together to ensure swift repatriationestimated 200,000 seafarers due to change over, with concerns around …
Jun 30, 2020 / Curious

India launches World's First Biometric-based ID for Seafarers

India has become the first country in the world to issue Biometric Seafarer Identity Document (BSID), capturing the facial biometric data of seafarers.Union Minister of State for Shipping Mansukh Mandaviya launched the project on Wednesday and handed …
Aug 29, 2019 / Curious

The Danish Maritime Authority launches a pilot project on digital certificates for seafarers

Today, MUMBAI MÆRSK heads out from the Port of Aarhus for destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia with crew certificates that are entirely digital instead of traditional paper certificates. This is simpler, faster and safer for seafarers, shipping …
May 30, 2019 / Vessels

“Maritime English” – Why it is essential for Seafarers to be proficient in Maritime English?

As the shipping industry is progressing, it is becoming increasingly important for seafarers to be proficient in Maritime English. While you, definitely, can buy essays and get your regular English-related assignments completed from the professionals …
Mar 26, 2019 / Curious