Live AIS API Web Service

Processing millions of raw NMEA messages every day our system decodes the raw AIS data and delivers it in a well-known XML or JSON format via our API.

The live AIS web service offers a set of AIS API endpoints that can be used to programmatically customise subsets of data for your GIS visualisations.

Vessel Positions

Latest AIS position and voyage data of any vessel or a fleet of vessels.

Fleet Positions

Latest AIS position and voyage data for a fixed fleet of vessels.

Vessels in Custom Area

AIS position and voyage data for all vessels in a specific area of interest.

Port Calls

All ports visited by specific vessel or all vessels that visited specific port.

Expected Port Arrivals

All vessels expected to arrive at a specific port along with their ETA.

Vessel Particulars

Technical information, capacity, ownership and other vessel's particulars.


Raw AIS data streaming is the most optimal way of distribution of real-time AIS feeds with a minimum latency. The NMEA data format conforms to AIS specification and data sentences may be processed by all software systems designed to operate directly with AIS hardware equipment (AIS receivers, transponders or base stations).

The raw AIS data feed is provided via TCP/IP connection or UDP stream in compliance with client's requirements. The feed could be filtered by area, AIS source or message type. Position reports can be downsampled in order to reduce the required bandwidth between the client and our data center.

Data access is provided on a subscription basis and the applicable fee thereof depends on the size of the area, the number of receiving stations and the vessel traffic density.

Real-time AIS data, timestamped NMEA messages, satellite data

Real-Time AIS Data Request

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