LiveData API service provides real-time position data for all vessels in a specific area or port. The ship position data is gathered by Terrestrial AIS stations or Satellites which ensure global coverage. The API response is in JSON or XML format.

This service grants access to three different datasets, depending on customer’s needs:

  • AIS dataset - coordinates, course, speed, heading, current draught, destination, ETA, name, callsign, IMO, MMSI, AIS type, dimensions
  • Voyage dataset – origin port name and locode, country, time of departure
  • Master dataset – detailed type, flag, year of build, builder, ownership, capacity, dimensions

What does it cost?

Access to the data is provided on a subscription basis for a fixed monthly fee. The subscription fee depends on various factors:

  • number of tracked ships;
  • frequency of position updates;
  • source of position data (T-AIS or S-AIS);
  • provided dataset

Sample use cases

1) You want to monitor all vessels activity in a specific area. Each API response will provide you regular position updates for all vessels in the predefined area of interest.

2) In effort to optimise port operations, you would like to explore the cargo ships movements in a specific port. Each API response will provide you regular position data for all cargo ships in a specific port.

For more detailed technical information and sample API requests you can see the API documentation.

For more information about the service, specific pricing, more data samples or API trial feel free to contact us.