The first building block of Australia’s new icebreaker has been welded into place at a keel laying ceremony in Romania.

KNUD E. HANSEN has done the concept and tender design of the vessel, and Managing Director, Mr. Finn Wollesen attended the ceremony, along with Mr. Rasmus Nygaard from Friends of Nella Dan.

Caption: Mr. Finn Wollesen Managing Director of KNUD E. HANSEN and Mr. Rasmus Nygaard, Chairman of Friend of Nella Dan

They came bearing a Danish coin, depicting the Danish Crown Prince Frederik, and his wife – Princess Mary, who originates from Australia. According to maritime tradition, attaching the coins to the keel will bring fair winds, speed, and good luck.

Australia’s new Antarctic icebreaker, due to arrive in Hobart in 2020, will be the main lifeline to Australia’s Antarctic and sub-Antarctic research stations.

Caption: Coins from Romania, Holland, Denmark and Australia sits alongside in recognition of each countries contribution to the design and construction of the ship.

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