T&T Salvage, a TEICHMAN GROUP company, has been welcomed as a new incentive provider of Green Award.

T&T Salvage operates one of the most extensive emergency response systems in the world with pre-positioned salvage and environmental protection equipment throughout the United States. Global response services are supported by salvage bases and stationed specialty equipment in Singapore, Rotterdam, Hamburg and throughout Latin America. The company is committed to serving the emergency response needs of its clients under the highest standards of safety and quality.

An emergency response company T&T Salvage entered the Green Award scheme
Caption: Mr Elias Psyllos, Vice President - Commercial and Risk of T&T Salvage; Capt Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation; Mr Mauricio Garrido, President of T&T Salvage; Mr Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation; Alexander Christensen, Business Development at T&T Salvage 

As a socially responsible representative of the maritime industry, T&T Salvage has been dedicated to sustainability and sound solutions for safety for years, and now underlines this commitment through participation in the Green Award scheme.

Green Award helps superior ship managers and ships to differentiate themselves demonstrating excellent standards of quality and environmental performance. The Green Award certificate is an indicator of successfully implemented enhanced technologies and commitment to continuous improvement.

A formal welcome ceremony was commenced on 7 September, 2017. Mr Dimitrios Mattheou, chairman of the Green Award Foundation, addressed T&T Salvage by saying: “Companies that are not embracing sustainability and social responsibility today, will lose tomorrow. It is at the best interest of the maritime industry and all humanity that all parties support companies that implement safe practices and strive to reduce their environment footprint. It is great to see that T&T Salvage is joining Green Award.”

Salvage Operation
Caption: Salvage Operation - Image courtesy of T&T Salvage

Mr. Mauricio Garrido, President T&T Salvage, responded: “We are grateful and honored for the opportunity to support the Green Award Foundation. T&T remains committed to leading by example in protecting our marine environment and leaving a better world for future generations.”

Supporting Green Award ships, T&T Salvage will offer them a 15% reduction on Standard Tariff Rates on T&T Salvage personnel and equipment during Salvage response operations. The vessels will also receive at preferred customer basis both on scheduling and pricing, 10-20% discounts on fleet operations support, which include: Offshore Crewboat/Launch Services; In-water Surveys/Underwater Repairs; Hull Cleaning/Propeller Polishing; Specialty Equipment Rental; and Oil Spill Response (OSRO) Services.

About T&T Salvage

T&T Salvage, LLC, part of the Teichman Group, maintains over 40 locations in the United States and its territories, including strategically positioned operational bases and alliances in South America, Europe and Asia. Providing a full range of maritime services and emergency response solutions, T&T owns state of the art portable emergency response equipment capable of being dispatched anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice, including but not limited to dewatering pumps, oil spill response equipment, marine firefighting pumps and foam, diving and subsea systems, and more.

Source: Green Award