Clipper will simplify its operational and administrative set-up in its strongest field of business, bulk.

CLIPPER bulk activities to be consolidated into three hubs

“Going forward, we will concentrate our bulk business in three locations: Copenhagen, Houston and Hong Kong. Consequently, we will close our offices in Stamford, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore and Beijing. Our offices in Barranquilla, Tokyo and Nassau will remain unchanged and continue to serve our local business partners.

In the new set-up, we will maintain global presence. Fewer but larger hubs will allow us to service our customers and to operate our fleet more efficiently. “Within the last year, Clipper has grown its operated bulk fleet from 100 to 150 vessels. We want to make communication more effective and our response time to market changes shorter. It is my belief that both the company and our clients will be able to feel the benefit of this change from day one,” says Peter Norborg, Group CEO.

Source: Clipper