Vroon announced earlier today that VOS Stone, a state-of-the-art subsea-support walk-to-work unit recently delivered to Vroon Offshore Services, has been awarded a contract by VBMS to support inter-array cabling operations at Arkona Offshore Wind-farm from spring 2018.

In summer 2018, VOS Stone will engage in similar operations at the same Wind-farm in the context of E.ON’s commissioning operations.

VOS Stone chartered to VBMS for Arkona OWF
Caption: Offshore support vessel VOS Stone - Image courtesy of Vroon

VOS Stone was delivered by Fujian Southeast Shipbuilding of China in July and is currently undergoing final outfitting works in The Netherlands, in readiness for North-Sea operations from November 2017.

Fitted with a 50T active-heave-compensated crane, a motion-compensated gangway for offshore personnel transfers and holding SPS notation to accommodate up to 60 passengers in comfortable office and recreational spaces, the unit is purpose built to deliver safe, versatile and efficient offshore logistics support to Renewable and Oil & Gas industries alike.

VOS Stone’s sister, VOS Start, is currently engaged in commissioning operations for the Walney Extension Wind-farm in the Irish Sea.

The Arkona Offshore Wind-farm is located 35 kilometres northeast of the German island of Rügen. It will have a capacity of 385 megawatts (MW) generated by 60 Siemens 6MW turbines and provide electricity for up to 400,000 households in Germany from 2019.

Source: Vroon