Container ship ZIM LUANDA, operating on ZIM Container Service Atlantic (ZCA), carried a special consignment of parts for a geothermal power plant for Ormat Technologies Ltd.

ZIM delivers oversized special cargo for Geothermal Power Plant for Ormat Technologies
Caption: Special cargo for Geothermal Power Plant for Ormat Technologies loaded on board ZIM Luanda - Images courtesy of ZIM

The units, each 21 meters long and weighing 27 Tons, were handled by ZIM’s special cargo experts team.

The shipment arrived at Port of New York last week and onward by land to its final destination.

A spokesperson for Ormat Technologies said: “Ormat Technologies thanks ZIM for yet another shipment of oversized special units on board container ships, following many years of cooperation.”

ZIM specializes in handling special cargo with complex operational needs. ZIM’s experts oversee all aspects of shipping throughout the voyage, ensuring the cargo’s fast and safe arrival to its destinations.

Source: ZIM