In order to improve Company’s current service levels and provide customers in the region with the best solutions, ZIM makes the following changes to its service, starting January 2018.

Improving ZIM’s Greece Turkey Service (TGX)
Caption: Containership ZIM Instanbul - Image courtesy of Ahmet Ünlügil

TGX new rotation:  

Haifa - AshdodIskenderun - Antalya - Istanbul Ambarli - Izmit - Gemlik - Istanbul Ambarli - Piraeus - Izmir - Haifa

  • Iskenderun port is added to TGX rotation
  • Thessaloniki cargo will now be served by ZIM mainliner ZMP service, via Istanbul to Haifa, with a total transit time of 7 days and much-improved schedule reliability
  • Transit time from Piraeus to Israel will be shortened to 4 days (instead of current 11 days)

The change is implemented as part of ZIM’s strategy to create synergy with its mainliners through fast connections in Turkish ports. The new rotation is also aimed to overcome congestion problems in Thessaloniki and better serve the Greek market.

The change is part of ZIM ongoing efforts to expand its coverage in the region and improve overall service levels to customers.    

Source: ZIM