Tomini Shipping greeted the New Year with the delivery and naming of three Ultramax carriers, the vessels named Tomini Prosperity (63,503 DWT), Tomini Liberty (63,511 DWT) and Tomini Dynasty (63,657 DWT) were delivered on 3 January 2018.

Three Ultramax newbuilds join Tomini Shipping fleet

The naming ceremony was held at Costco Shipping Ltd, Jiangdu city, China.  

Nitin Mehta, CEO; Shoaib Seedat, Head of New Buildings and Zain Usmani, Marine Superintendent from Tomini Shipping attended as well as Per Kampmann, Group Director from Alpina Chartering, Tomini’s partners of 39 years, together with representatives of the builder and seller.


Tomini Shipping’s newbuilding programme which seeks to replenish the fleet with modern, eco-friendly ships has orders for a further six new vessels.

“We aim to become a specialist in selected dry bulk vessel segments namely Ultramaxes and Kamsarmaxes, we have confidence in the sector and remain committed to growing a  diverse fleet to meet global transportation needs,” commented Imtiaz Shaikh, Chairman.

Source: Tomini Shipping