Wilson ASA has entered into an agreement to purchase the two bulk carriers MV Hanseatic Trader (2001, 4345 DWT) and MV Wilson Holla, ex Hanseatic Scout (2002, 4345 DWT).

Wilson ASA buys two more bulk carriers
Caption: Bulk carrier Hanseatic Trader - Image courtesy of Marcel Coster

The total purchase price has been agreed at MEUR 5.8 and it is expected that the vessels will be taken over during 1Q18. Upon acquisition, both ships will be given Wilson name. Financing of the purchase has been done by equity and deducted from the company's loan frame in the bank.

The acquisition of MV Hanseatic Trader and MV Wilson Holla marks the rise of today's fleet with a ship when Wilson controls one of the ships, MV Wilson Holla, through a commercial time series.

Caption: Bulk carrier Wilson Holla - Image courtesy of Tom Duncan

According to Wilson, the acquisition supports the company's long-term belief in the market and this tonnage segment.

After the purchase, Wilson operates a fleet of 118 vessels, of which 81 are controlled by the company.

Source: Wilson/DryBulk