Elengy Company, in its LNG receiving terminal of Montoir-de-Bretagne and Nantes Saint Nazaire Harbor have hosted on January 10th the first call of an ice-class LNG carrier for a transshipment operation of LNG into a classical LNG carrier. This operation marks the start of a new period for the reception of latest technology LNG carriers.

Elengy performs first LNG Transshipment at Montoir-De-Bretagne LNG terminal from an ARC7 Ice-class LNG carrier

The LNG receiving terminal in Montoir-de-Bretagne, managed by Elengy, has just performed a new generation LNG transshipment. The ice-class LNG carrier Fedor Litke (170 000 cm capacity) has delivered to the LNG Jurojin (155 000 cm capacity) an LNG cargo the size of the yearly gas consumption of a city like Nantes. This was done safely during an twin call thanks l. The LNG was transferred through the cryogenic pipelines linking directly the two berths, without going through the terminal’s tanks. The LNG cargo has then left for another destination, allowing the ice-class LNG carrier to return quickly at the LNG production plant in Yamal, Siberia.

In order to accommodate durably calls of ice-class LNG carriers, which are remarkable due to their size and unique technology, Elengy has made numerous improvements on its facilities : renovation of the berths, installation of compressors for LNG boil-off recovery.

Nantes Saint-Nazaire Harbor concentrates numerous advantages for this type of traffic: a geographical location adapted to transshipment, appropriate meteorological and nautical conditions and a high quality of infrastructures and port services.

The organization of this unique stop has required a high level of preparation from the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Harbor master, as well as from the steering, towing and boatage. This partnership working has allowed this transshipment and confirmed the ability of Elengy and the Loire Valley port services to provide a customized answer to the market needs.

Martin Jahan de Lestang CEO of Elengy: "Elengy teams are proud to have performed this LNG transshipment at the new generation Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal. Thanks to the evolution of our services and changes in our organization, we hope in the long term, to perform a few tens of similar operations every year. This development has been enabled by the synergy and reactivity of the teams of the terminal and of the Nantes Saint-Nazaire Harbor. Transshipment operations provide a logistical flexibility to the LNG market and showcase the transformation of our Montoir-de-Bretagne terminal into a true LNG hub."

Jean-Pierre Chalus, President of Nantes Saint Nazaire Harbor: "Elengy, Nantes Saint-Nazaire Harbor and the stakeholders in the harbor community have, once again, demonstrated  their capacity to work together to respond to an energetic market in constant evolution. The transshipment complements the maritime supply in natural gas. This new service provided to ships as singular as the ice-class is made possible through the skills of stakeholders and the trusting relationship we have with Elengy since numerous years.  The LNG receiving terminal in Montoir-de-Bretagne, whose traffic regained growth, strengthen its strategical position in the international market of natural gas."

Source: Elengy