Aimed at Optimizing Loading for FLEXIE Next-generation Car Carriers

TOKYO-Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL) has introduced an upgraded stowage planning system for car carriers called "MOL-CAPS".

The MOL-CAPS system generates a voyage-by-voyage stowage plan that determines where to stow specific vehicles in consideration of different factors, such as the onboard structure, the type of vehicles being transported, and calling ports. The company introduced MOL-CAPS in 1999, and will adopt this new version for the next-generation car carriers, the FLEXIE series, which will be delivered starting in March 2018.

The new version of the system allows optimal stowage, with the maximum use of the FLEXIE series' new deck structure (*), which offers a greater range of adjustment in the liftable deck height, providing greater flexibility compared to car carriers now in service.

The new version has a high-speed processing planning function based on the know-how of car carrier stowage, which MOL has accumulated over 50 years. In addition, it can be used in offices in Japan and overseas as well as on the calling ports all over the world with the globally linked booking system. This always allows stowage plans to reflect the latest conditions and ensures optimal loading at every port. Looking to the future, MOL is studying ways to adopt the system for onboard use.

MOL Group provides transport services that meet diversified customer needs by using cargo transport know-how accumulated over decades of successful operation, and the latest systems and technologies.

(*) Deck construction of car carriers was substantially altered to change the number of decks from the current 12 to 14. Furthermore, the number of liftable decks was increased from two to six. This means two adjustable decks can be placed between two fixed decks. The newly designed liftable decks offer greater flexibility in accommodating vehicles of different heights, improving loading efficiency and meeting demand for more diversified vehicle transport.

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Source: MOL