On Tuesday 1 May for the first time liquefied natural gas from Sabetta on the Siberian peninsula Yamal, was transhipped simultaneously in Zeebrugge from an ice-class vessel (ARC7) into a conventional LNG carrier for further transport to Asia.

First simultaneous transhipment of Yamal LNG

The Russian ice-class vessel ms Eduard Toll transfered simultaneously LNG into the ms Pskov via shore pipes. The operation takes place at quays 615 and 616 of the Fluxys terminal in the outer port.

In 2015 the terminal of Fluxys was selected as transhipment hub for liquefied Siberian natural gas from the Yamal gasfield. In the port of Sabetta new installations have been built for LNG liquefaction activities.

The contract constitutes for Zeebrugge an annual transhipment of 107 LNG loads from ice-class vessels to conventional LNG vessels or 214 vessel movements in the port.

In winter time – when the northern sea routes are frozen in Siberia – the ice class LNG vessels will shuttle from Sabetta to Zeebrugge.

(For vessel details on Russia's new Yamal LNG carriers see at CruiseMapper)

Source: Port of Zeebrugge