Utilising its meteorological and wave forecasting expertise, BMT has played a pivotal role in supporting Jan De Nul Group with the successful installation of two gravity-based foundations for the Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Denmark.

BMT Supports Installation of Kriegers Flak Foundations

Christopher Derycke at Jan De Nul Group comments: “With any offshore operation, we have to try and manage the inherent uncertainty that comes with the weather. Having BMT’s weather forecaster onsite was hugely beneficial as it allowed us to plan our work more effectively and ensure the safety of our personnel at all times.”

The installation of both foundations which have a combined weight of 18000 tonnes was a high precision project requiring optimum weather conditions. With a persisting high pressure over Scandinavia, this would prove to be quite a challenge for the team.

“The insight we were able to provide was crucial for the customer to make informed decisions as part of the planning process”, says BMT’s Maritime Meteorologist, Mark van der Putte. He continues: “The easterly winds could have caused significant delays to the project but with our support and guidance, the customer was able to better understand the optimal weather windows to carry out the installation work successfully.”

Source: BMT