HMM has announced that it will work with Oracle on the development of a next-generation IT system, built on cloud-based infrastructure. The project will be part of a wider initiative by HMM to expand its research into new technologies such as Blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data analytics, which will also see HMM and Oracle form a Joint Lab for collaborative research.

HMM to Work with Oracle on Cloud Technologies

The new Cloud-based system, which is expected to provide support for various improvements in business processes, is scheduled to be introduced in 2020, to provide a more robust IT service environment for both internal and external customers.

An HMM official stated, “The introduction of new IT technologies is now the key to maritime competitiveness. Our IT assets will be an important factor in determining the future of HMM.”

HMM has been working on the development of cloud-based systems since 2017, and began a recruitment drive to add new IT personnel to its ranks in February of this year.

Source: HMM