Building on the success of the recent Technical Reefer Workshop held at its Valencia premises, MSC has just carried out the first ever melon shipments all the way from Spain to Asia. Thanks to Controlled Atmosphere technology, it is possible to limit the fruit’s ripening and extend its shelf-life, allowing it to reach far away markets in perfect condition.

MSC makes first melon shipments from Spain to Asia using controlled atmosphere technology
Caption: Containership MSC London - Image courtesy of Les Rickman

Controlled Atmosphere is an active process to regulate atmosphere composition to extend the shelf-life, maintain the appearance, freshness and quality of perishable products.

This technology helps fruits and vegetables to reach new destinations with longer transit times as it slows the natural ripening process of the fruit by reducing the oxygen (O2) concentration and increasing the carbon dioxide (CO2) to reduce and remove the ethylene.

Controlled Atmosphere technology is ideal for the shipping of perishable products requiring independent control of both O2 and CO2, namely: stone fruit, apple, avocado, lettuce, persimmon. This represents a unique opportunity for Spanish producers to open new markets demanding high-quality fruits and vegetables.

MSC works with the leading Controlled Atmosphere providers and highly qualified technicians in Spain to ensure the correct installation and success of the system.

Source: MSC