In association with Tidewater Marine, Horizon Maritime welcomed a new multifunctional offshore support vessel to its Canadian fleet, increasing its ability to provide an expanded range of modern and efficient marine services to our customers.

Horizon Maritime welcomes new multifunctional OSV to the fleet
Caption: Offshore support vessel Tidewater Enabler - Image courtesy of Horizon Maritime

The Tidewater Enabler is capable of supporting a variety of specialized marine applications and is designed for efficient and safe operations in harsh weather conditions. The vessel features a 100 tonne/2,000 meter subsea crane, can house two working-class ROVs, has a large deck space of more than 900 square meters, and provides the largest offshore accommodation capacity available in the market. It’s a versatile and complementary addition to Horizon Maritime’s growing fleet of marine support and supply vessels.

As momentum in the offshore sector continues to grow, this represents the latest in a series of successful ventures between Horizon Maritime and Tidewater Marine. Currently, the two companies are working together in Atlantic Canada operating two vessels; the Troms Sirius and Lundstrom Tide. Horizon Maritime and Tidewater Marine also supported Shell Canada’s Shelburne Basin Deep-Water Exploration Project, importing and operating the Breaux Tide and Jones Tide in 2015 & 2016.

Now as a fully Canadian vessel, the Enabler will be operated by Canadians, bringing together local marine expertise and state-of-the-art equipment from the world’s largest offshore vessel company.

“Our greatest assets are our people and our customers. We are committed to bringing them together with the best equipment available to ensure efficient operations in the safest way possible”, Steve Widmeyer, Executive Vice-President, Horizon Maritime said.

Source: Horizon Maritime