Official opening of new office underpins confidence in American Samoa

Swire Shipping celebrated the upcoming 500th call of its Polynesia Line service into Pago Pago (more about the port at CruiseMapper) on 30 August 2018, marking a significant milestone in its involvement in American Samoa. Adding joy to the occasion was the official opening of the new Swire Shipping office headed by Rob Hardman, a veteran in the industry. Located at Fagotogo Square Suite #103, the office represents all Swire Shipping’s global services to/ from American Samoa, including Polynesia Line’s longstanding USA service.

Swire Shipping celebrates 500th call of Polynesia Line service into Pago Pago

“The establishment of our new office represents a confident investment in the American Samoan community by Swire Shipping. With over 140 years of history, shipping was one of the earliest parts of the Swire group; it remains a very strong focus today. While our shipping business is global, we have always had a proud focus on the Pacific region,” Jeremy Sutton, General Manager of Swire Shipping said.

Congresswoman Aumua Amata who attended the function said, “Our economy depends on success stories, opportunities and growth, so announcements like these are always great news for the community. These events happen because of hard work and good planning, so congratulations to everyone involved in these business milestones.”

Growing from strength to strength

Swire Shipping acquired Polynesia Line in 2013 and shares many of the same values that have made Polynesia Line an important part of the American Samoan community. Both companies have a long-term view and are committed to linking American Samoa and the wider Pacific with major markets in the USA, Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

“With just over 50 years of history, we are committed to making sure Polynesia Line is strong for another 50 years into the future and continues to provide an important link for imports and exports to the USA,” added Mr Sutton. “The Polynesia Line slogan in the 1980s and 1990s was Trust is a voyage of many miles. We want to thank our customers for the trust that they have placed in us in making these 500 voyages possible.”

Headed by Rob Hardman, the team comprises eight new local staff. “We are truly delighted to have hired great talent and we are confident that together we will grow Swire Shipping from strength to strength and to contribute positively to the communities we work and live in,” said Mr Hardman.

“Our aim is simple: We want to make shipping easy for our customers and for those they serve.”

The opening of the Pago Pago office marks a milestone in Swire Shipping’s vision of growing its business by building long-term and mutually successfully relationships with industry partners and customers, as well as offering customer-centric solutions.

Source: Swire Shipping