American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier’s M/Vs Honor and Resolve discharged military rolling stock and other cargo at the Norwegian ports of Fredrikstad and Hammernesodden in support of Operation Trident Juncture.

ARC Discharges Army and Marine Corps Cargo in Norway for Operation Trident Juncture

M/V Honor moved nearly 200 pieces of Army equipment from Germany to both ports in Norway. M/V Resolve moved over 250 pieces of Marine Corps rolling stock and containers from the United States to Hammernesodden.

NATO’s Operation Trident Juncture will bring together 40,000 participants, 130 aircraft and 70 vessels from more than 30 nations. ARC carried American military equipment to be used in the live exercise portion of Trident Juncture to be held primarily in Norway, with some limited activity in Finland and Sweden.

ARC’s M/V Freedom is also currently supporting the Resolute Castle portion of the ongoing NATO Atlantic Resolve exercises in Poland.

Source: ARC