French and Italian maritime authorities have begun cleaning up a fuel spill that has spread 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) in the Mediterranean Sea after two cargo ships collided north of the island of Corsica.

France and Italy begin cleanup for Mediterranean fuel spill after the collision between RoRo Ulysse and CLS Virginia (Video)
Collision between RoRo Ulysses and CLS Virginia in the Mediterranean Sea - Image courtesy of Prémar Méditerranée‏

Italy’s coast guard said Monday it’s recovering some of the polluted material and monitoring the spill amid changing weather conditions.

A Tunisian cargo ship Ulysse pierced a hole in the hull of a Cypriot container ship CLS Virginia in Sunday’s collision, causing the fuel leak. No one was injured.

A spokesman for the regional French maritime authority said the cleanup began Monday morning and spots of fuel have spread for 20 kilometers (12 miles).

The official said French and Italian ships and oil spill experts are dragging a floating barrier to contain the oil then will use a skimmer to suck up the fuel.

Source: AP