The first commercial LP-SCR system from Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) has entered service onboard a major Singaporean container lines, PDL International’s 600TEU container vessel, M/V SOUTHERN PEARL.

First J-ENG LP-SCR system successfully in service

The system has supplied to a 6UEC33LSE-C2 engine, manufactured by J-ENG’s Chinese licensee, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (CSE) and the vessel was built by Taizhou Kouan Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Since J-ENG’s SCR system is compactly designed, the flexible arrangement can be realized and this time it was actually confirmed with the full scale vessel that the system is relatively easy to be installed in a small-size vessel with limited space for installation.

Further, J-ENG obtained a General Design Appraisal (GDA) for fundamental design of LP-SCR system from the Lloyd’s Register and verified its planned performances through the shop test and sea trial.

J-ENG has established solutions to the IMO’s NOx Tier III regulations, not only “LP-SCR system” but also “LP-EGR system” for which the world-first long-term verification on-board test finished successfully in January 2018. In addition, J-ENG has many potential projects complying with IMO’s NOx Tier III regulations and actively expands these two technologies worldwide as a global standard.

As the licensor of “Japan’s world class marine diesel engines”, J-ENG will continue to pursue further development and sales of the best environmental technologies by expanding the variation of solution for IMO NOx Tier III regulations to meet customer’s various requests.

Source: J-ENG