On the 22nd of November Damen Shiprepair Curaçao (DSCu) commissioned its floating D-dock. Following the mooring of D-dock to her moorings on Friday, November 16th, final tests were carried out and D-dock was submerged onto the equalised seabed, ready for the first visiting vessel the Jara. The vessel is a Damen ASD Tug 3110 (L 30.82m x W 9.40m x D 4.08m) owned by Citgo Aruba.

Both floating docks of Damen Shiprepair Curaçao operational (Video)
Caption: Both floating docks of Damen Shiprepair Curaçao operational

The commissioning of the D-dock is another historic milestone for DSCu and one that the yard is extremely proud of. Only recently, on the 2nd of November, DSCu commissioned its Panamax C-dock, measuring 230 x 45 metres.

Both C and D docks arrived jointly at the Caribbean island of Curaçao on 30th April, 2018 and are part of a wider investment programme at DSCu, following its takeover by Damen in 2017.

Caption: D-dock was submerged onto the equalized seabed, ready for its first visiting vessel the ASD tug 3110 "JARA"

The yard now has four drydocks, two graving and two floating docks. This offers more possibilities and flexibility for the maintenance and repair work of ships.

Source: Damen