Robert Allan Ltd. announced on Tuesday (Dec 11) that it has signed a contract with Turkey-based TOR Group of Companies (TOR), for the design of a series of new RAstar 3300 tugs. These three tugs will be the first designed by Robert Allan Ltd. for TOR, which has a proud history of shipbuilding since 1880, and currently operates a modern shipyard near Istanbul.

Robert Allan Ltd. to design series of new RAstar 3300 Tugs for Turkey’s TOR Group

Once built, the three custom-designed tugs will enter service with the Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority (GPHA) on the west coast of Africa where shipping volumes are increasing, creating a requirement for powerful modern tugboats. They will be equipped to fulfill a multitude of missions for the GPHA, including but not limited to ship-assist, fire-fighting, and pollution response.

Driven by high-speed engines and Z-drive propellers, the tugs will each be able to generate in excess of 80 tonnes of bollard pull. A dedicated fire pump engine will provide the required power to meet Fi-Fi 1 standards, while also providing a protective waterspray. The principal deck machinery will comprise of a hawser winch forward and a towing hook aft.

Classification of these 33 m tugs will be provided by Bureau Veritas, with the notation:

BV I ✠ Hull, ✠ Mach, Tug, Fire-Fighting 1 Waterspraying, Unrestricted Navigation, ✠ AUT-UMS

Spacious and climate controlled MLC 2006 compliant accommodations will provide comfort for a crew of up to 8 persons, even on days where exterior temperatures may rise as high as 50o C. Sensitive electrical equipment will also be protected from the heat in an air-conditioned switchboard room.

With an aggressive timeline for delivery to GPHA before the end of 2019, steel cutting for these tugs is expected to begin early in the new year.

Source: Robert Allan Ltd