Vladimir Putin visited the Kaliningrad underground gas storage facility and took part in the launch of a gas-receiving terminal and a floating storage regasification platform via videoconference.

Russia's first floating storage and regasification unit at the Kaliningrad province starts up
Caption: Launch of a gas-receiving terminal and floating storage regasification platform in Kaliningrad Region.

The terminal, built in the Baltic Sea, consists of a pier protected by a breakwater, where a floating storage regasification unit, the Marshal Vasilevsky tanker, is moored.

The vessel converts LNG delivered by sea back to natural gas, which is then distributed to consumers or pumped into the Kaliningrad underground gas storage facility, a sealed natural gas reservoir buried deep in rock salt sediment.

The first such project carried out by Gazprom in Russia, this alternative gas supply option for Kaliningrad Region is to increase the region’s energy security, given its unique location.

Source: Kremlin