Lauritzen Kosan, the gas carrier division of J. Lauritzen, and Teekay LNG Partners L.P. (Teekay LNG) have agreed that Teekay LNG’s fleet of ethylene gas carriers will join the Lauritzen Kosan pool.  

Teekay LNG joins Lauritzen Kosan pool
Caption: Gas carrier Vision Spirit - Image courtesy of Miranda Reiffers Te Loo

The agreement implies that seven modern ethylene gas carriers, owned by Teekay LNG,  will join Lauritzen Kosan’s pool of ethylene carriers with effect from 1 March 2019.

Together with Lauritzen Kosan’s 11 ethylene carriers, three ethylene carriers supplied by other owners, and Teekay LNG’s ethylene fleet, the Lauritzen Kosan pool will become one of the leading suppliers of ethylene carrying capacity in the smaller gas carrier size segment with a total of 21 units.

“We are proud to have Teekay LNG, a world leader in energy transportation, joining us in our strategy to service existing and new customers. This is an indication of our strong market position in the gas carrier industry”, says  CEO Thomas Wøidemann, Lauritzen Kosan.

“With Lauritzen Kosan’s close and long-lasting customer relationships, we are confident that we have found the right commercial and operational platform for our fleet of ethylene gas carriers”, says President and CEO Mark Kremin, Teekay Gas Group Ltd.

Teekay LNG fleet:

 Vessel name  Type     Capacity  Year of build
 Camilla Spirit  Ethylene/Chemicals  5,500 cbm  2010
 Pan Spirit  Ethylene/Chemicals  5,800 cbm  2009
 Cathinka Spirit  Ethylene/Chemicals  5,800 cbm  2009
 Sonoma Spirit  Ethylene  8,500 cbm  2003
 Napa Spirit  Ethylene  10,200 cbm  2003
 Vision Spirit  Ethylene/LNG  12,000 cbm  2011
 Unikum Spirit  Ethylene/LNG  12,000 cbm  2011