Newbuild vessel, Maersk Involver, has been fixed for 161 days to support maintenance of the DAN F platform located offshore Esbjerg for walk-to-work and accommodation services. The contract is expected to commence in April 2019.

Maersk Supply Services secures second walk-to-work contract with Total Denmark

The first long-term walk-to-work contract with Total Denmark was awarded to Maersk Supply Services in July 2018, for anchor handling tug supply vessel Maersk Tracker to provide multi-purpose field support for three years firm in the North Sea.

Delivered in November 2017, Maersk Involver’s proven stability, DP3 station keeping capabilities and 120 modern single cabins make it an ideal platform for walk-to-work services. The vessel has been outfitted with an Ampelmann E-type active motion-compensated gangway system and pedestal, as well as a boat landing to perform personnel transfer via crew transfer vessels.

“The work performed by Maersk Tracker has demonstrated that we can respond to specific client requirements and consistently deliver safe and successful operations. This second contract gives us the opportunity to showcase the advanced capabilities of Maersk Involver in the Danish North Sea and continue our cooperation with Total Denmark as a reliable long-term partner,’’ says Chief Commercial Officer Carsten Gram Haagensen.

The Stingray-class subsea vessels (SSV) are a series of highly versatile vessels. Designed together with Marin Teknikk, the vessels are built as a flexible, stable and reliable platform to carry out a wide range of deep and shallow water operations in challenging offshore environments. With a very energy efficient propulsion set-up, these DP3 vessels feature a 400t active heavy compensated crane and 2 work class ROVs capable of operating in up to 3,000m water depth. The large 1,850m2 free deck is uniquely designed with hundreds on non-welding, sea fastening features and cofferdams are built in above all tanks to ensure efficiency and flexibility for client operations. The accommodation features 120 modern single cabins to meet increased comfort level requirements.

Source: Maersk Supply Service