Operating in a water depth of 2,855m offshore of Malaysia, the Mærsk Deliverer in collaboration with Weatherford successfully deployed pressurised mud cap drilling as the optimal solution to drill the Tepat-1 exploration well for Total E&P Malaysia.

Maersk Deliverer: Water depth record deployment of PMCD

The operation was a success and set the record for the deepest water deployment of PMCD in the industry to date.

The Maersk Deliverer is a DSS-21 column stabilised dynamically positioned semi-submersible drilling rig, able to operate in water depths up to 10,000ft.

Main Specs:

 Model  DSS21-DP2 Semi-Submersible
 Type  Self-Propelled A1 Column Stabilized Drilling Unit
 Maximum drilling depth  32800ft/10000m
 Maximum water depth  9840ft/3000 m
 Minimum water depth  1640ft/500 m
 Max Hook Load  2000k/lbs /907 Tons
 BOP  18¾” 15,000 psi BOP system
 Handling system  Dual pipe handling system with off line stand building capabilities
 Deck crane  1 x 65 t rated Favelle Favco deck crane
 Knuckle boom crane  1 x 165 t NOV Active Heave Compensated KBC
 Pipe handling crane  1 x 3.5 t Pipe Handling Knuckle Boom Cranes
 Mud pumps  4 x Wirth 14-P-2200, 7500psi HP single-acting triplex pumps
 Top Drive  HPS 1000 rated for 7,500 psi and 2,300 hp
 Accommodation  Single bed accommodation for 180 personnel

Source: Maersk Drilling