DOF Subsea has recently secured several new contracts for project scopes to be carried out over the next few months in the North Sea.

DOF Subsea awarded key North Sea contracts and frame agreements
Caption: Offshore tug supply ship Skandi Skansen - Image courtesy of Frans Truyens

The contracts, which have been secured for key clients in the UK and Norway, involve a variety of different activities and capabilities including UXO investigation/detonation, Seabed Mapping, Pipeline and Structural Inspection and Seabed rectification support using DOF Subsea's vessels Skandi Skansen, Geosund and Skandi Hera.  

In addition, the company has also recently been awarded three new North Sea frame agreements for IRM and Survey work. The accumulated revenue from these contract awards are estimated to be around 80 million NOK and secures utilisation of approximately 100 vessel days.  

Commenting on these awards, Jan-Kristian Haukeland, EVP DOF Subsea Atlantic said, "The award of these contracts and frame agreements highlights DOF Subsea's versatility and ability to respond to differing client requirements using the extensive experience and competence within our resource pool."

Source: DOF Subsea