Last weeks, the m.v. Bothniaborg was at the shipyard in Tallinn for her 15 year renewal survey. After this survey the m.v. Bothniaborg is ready again for service.

Spotted: Bothniaborg ready for service after 15 years renewal survey

Thanks to a great team effort of the Wagenborg crew, technical office support and the shipyard, the RORO carrier is ready to serve again on her liner service for Smurfit Kappa. The m.v. Bothniaborg on her way to Piteå to load kraftliner for Terneuzen.

Green improvements

During this special survey, Wagenborg carried out various “green” improvements to further improve the green character of the vessel. For instance, for the cooling installations, the refrigerant was changed by a harmless alternative for the ozone layer. In addition, a new ultrasonic system was installed to remove biofilm, which makes the use of toxic cupper unnecessary. Finally, a special type of stern tube was placed which reduces the risk to an oil spill is enormous. All the additions above will reduce the impact on the environment of Bothniaborg.

Source: Wagenborg