• Formation of a leading commercial containership manager
  • Expansion of competitive shipbroking services
  • Commercial management of more than 160 vessels of various sizes

Hamburg-based Asset and Investment Manager MPC Capital AG (MPC Capital) and Bremen-based shipping company ZEABORN GmbH & Co. KG (Zeaborn) join forces in commercial ship management. Under the traditional shipbroker brand HARPER PETERSEN the two companies are merging their activities in containership chartering and commercial management in a newly found joint venture. Zeaborn contributes their activities of HARPER PETERSEN to the joint venture, whilst MPC Capital adds the business of CONTCHART.

MPC Capital and Zeaborn Strengthen Harper Petersen By Combining Their Shipbroking Activities
Caption: Container ship E.R. London - Image courtesy of Zeaborn Ship Management

The new joint HARPER PETERSEN platform will be amongst the largest commercial containership managers globally. The company will manage more than 160 vessels with a total capacity of almost 500,000 TEU. With vessel sizes ranging from 700 TEU to 8,500 TEU, HARPER PETERSEN will represent a well-diversified fleet in respect of size, age, outfit, and sustainability requirements with more than 20 vessels to be equipped with exhaust gas cleaning systems.

Furthermore, the new HARPER PETERSEN will continue to grow its successful competitive shipbroking services, providing flexible and tailor-made chartering solutions to owners and charterers.

The new HARPER PETERSEN is going to employ a team of 38 experienced staff with extensive track record in their fields. The management team will comprise of John Freydag (Managing Director of CONTCHART) and Arne Corleis (Managing Director of HARPER PETERSEN), supported by Hu Hui (Managing Director of HARPER PETERSEN Asia) and Gundolf Hartzig (Chief Representative of CONTCHART). Headquarters will remain in Hamburg, with offices in Singapore, Shanghai and The Netherlands.

John Freydag, Managing Director of CONTCHART, stated: “I am extremely pleased that we have succeeded in creating a viable and industry-leading player merging two already well-established partners. Together we are even stronger in providing excellent services to our charterer clients and tonnage providers.”

Arne Corleis, Managing Director of HARPER PETERSEN, stated: “CONTCHART and HARPER PETERSEN have been doing business together already for many years. We know each other well and it’s an excellent match. I really look forward to working in this strong team, jointly offering a broader service and a well-diversified fleet. Our joint activities will continue to contribute to HARPER PETERSEN’s strong and trustworthy brand.”

The partners aim to commence operations of the new HARPER PETERSEN on 1 November 2019. The Closing of the transaction remains subject to antitrust clearance with the relevant cartel authorities.

Source: MPC Capital