A rescue operation of a tug supply vessel Bourbon Rhode under Luxembourg flag is underway, as the vessel was in transit at 1 200 nautical miles off Martinique island and 60 nautical miles South-South East from the eye of category 4 hurricane “Lorenzo”. 

Rescue operation under way for the Bourbon Rhode vessel

In particularly adverse weather conditions, the 14 crew members are facing a water ingress in the rear part of the vessel.

A crisis cell has immediately been activated and it ensures the coordination, out of Marseilles, of the rescue of the vessel and its crew, in close collaboration with authorities, including the Regional Operational Center of Surveillance and Rescue (CROSS) West Indies-Guyana. In order to bring the quickest support possible, the CROSS has asked that bulk carrier “SSI EXCELLENT” (229 m long) change its route and assist the Bourbon Rhode. Situated at 200 nautical miles South, the bulk carrier is expected to arrive on zone tomorrow morning (local time).

An update on crew and vessel situation will be published as soon as possible.

Source: Bourbon